Our Story

Timeless artisanship. Modern styling.

Welcome to Abrazo Style, where contemporary style embraces the rich artistic traditions of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico.

We launched our company in 2009 by searching out the most gorgeous blouses we could find in the colorful markets of southern Mexico. But it soon became obvious that while traditional craftsmanship is beautiful to behold, the fit and style don't exactly answer the style cravings of today's Western woman. So we now make most of our own patterns and then collaborate directly with master artisans to bring these designs to life, marrying the best of both worlds: timeless handwork with modern flair.

Abrazo Style specializes in fairly traded, quality, hand embroidered, 100% cotton Mexican apparel in contemporary fabrics and designs; richly hand woven scarves, wraps and totes, and exceptional natural seed and stone jewelry.

Abrazo is committed to positive change in indigenous communities of Oaxaca and Chiapas. Our products are socially responsible and our goal is to contribute to the development of vibrant communities through sustainable employment at fair wages. Our founder, Adele Hammond, is a painter by training (with an MFA from the School of Visual Arts) but fell in love with the people and craftsmanship of Oaxaca while living there full time for five years with her family. She now commutes between her homes in Oregon and Oaxaca and is enormously proud of the collaboration she has with her Oaxacan and Chiapan friends by marketing their products to a growing wholesale and retail clientele. Learn more about our work in southern Mexico from Adele's blog here.

There's more about the founding of Abrazo Style here.