The talented artisans who weave, embroider, and sew our products are the heart of Abrazo. Below is a collection of photos from Oaxaca and Chiapas that introduces some of the people who create the beautiful, handcrafted, fairly traded products we offer. Stay tuned as we add more images and stories.
The new Ramona blouse coming soon for Fall.
We work with small family workshops to sew our apparel.
We take pride in our quality and Eugenia is our eagle-eyed gate keeper.
All of our product comes through her for inspection, it is then washed
and packed for export. Anything that does not meet our standard
goes back to the artisan for revisions.
Paty is one of the corner stones of Abrazo. She was an embroidery
student in our workshops before Abrazo officially came to be.
Now, she is our head embroidery manager in charge of making drawings
on paper come to life on fabric. This is her studio at home with books of
Abrazo designs and color keys.
A social gathering of some of the Oaxacan women we collaborate with to create our embroidered apparel. 
Talented embroiderers of Oaxaca realize the intricate designs of the
Abrazo collection. Each piece is a form of wearable art, bearing the
signature style of each woman.
Carmen and her husband José collaborate with Abrazo to create virtually
all of our hand woven products. She comes from a long line of weavers in Mitla,
Oaxaca. It is relatively rare for women to weave on the pedal loom due
to its physicality. Here she is weaving our Carmen scarf.



Generations of artisans preserve craft traditions, passing knowledge from mother to daughter.
Women embroiderers work at home and in social groups to share techniques
and build confidence.
San Pablo Embroidery Group
Our San Pablo Etla embroidery group.
Abrazo Style
Felipe from Oaxaca City has a thriving jewelry business. He creates all of
our natural seed and stone jewelry, collecting many of the seeds himself.
His designs can be found in stores along popular pedestrian routes of the city.